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Meet a few of our team members!

All Time for a Walk® employees take great pride in providing our clients' pets with first class care. Listed below is information about just a few of the dedicated professional dog walkers and pet sitters at your service.

Christina K., Owner
Christina is one of the few true natives of the DC area, having been born and raised in Alexandria, Virginia. A veteran sales and marketing professional with a passion for animals of all kinds, in 2005 Christina decided to leave the sales world and started working for a non-profit organization in the field of pet assisted therapy. In early 2007 after repeated frustration with the absence of quality, affordable pet care in Arlington, Virginia, Christina and her husband, Jonathan, founded Time for a Walk®. Christina exhibits a passion for animals that is equally matched by her determination to provide pet owners in Arlington, Alexandria City, Falls Church City and select areas of McLean with excellent services at affordable prices.

Over the course of their respective childhoods, Christina and Jonathan have had the pleasure of welcoming a variety of pets into their homes including: dogs, cats, hamsters, gerbils, guinea pigs, mice, hedgehogs, fish, rabbits, frogs, salamanders, turtles, snakes, parakeets, and even a duck and a monkey!

Christina has served as the President of the National Capital Area Professional Pet Sitters Network for two years and has served as the Vice President of the Network for two years as well. She also does some volunteer work for Best Friends and fosters kittens from the Caribbean through the Anguilla Animal Rescue Foundation.

When Christina is not running the business or meeting with new clients, she keeps busy enjoying her family and traveling.

Christina currently resides in Arlington with her husband, two children, two dogs, and cat.

Kelly W., General Manager of Operations
Having always been an animal lover, I went to school for Animal Science at Virginia Tech, where I adopted my dog Lexie and spent my free time volunteering at the VA/MD Regional College of Veterinary Medicine walking dogs housed on campus. After college, Lexie and I spent a summer working on a horse farm before returning to Arlington. During internships with the Farm Animal Welfare Dept for the Humane Society of the US and Membership/Marketing for the Jane Goodall Institute, I became a mid-day walker for Time for a Walk® and learned the ins-and-outs of pet-sitting. Lexie and I are now in the Time for a Walk® office full-time, scheduling and managing care for your pets!

Andy C., Midday Dog Walker
I was raised in a household full of many sundry dogs and cats and have lived in the DC area for most of my life. Currently, I am the co-owner and operator of a graphic design studio located in Arlington. Being a Time for a Walk® associate affords me the opportunity to get out of the stuffy office for a few hours a day and commune with nature while entertaining some canine chums. One hopes the dogs' owners are also entertained by the notoriously bad spellings in my end-of-visit notes. I get as much enjoyment out of short leisurely strolls with nose-to-the-ground dogs as I do longer speed walks with dogs who are more curious about what's up ahead. My hobbies include year-round running in all varieties of weather, and playing music. I am also the owner of a large cat named Blackie.

Meg K., Pet Sitter
I have lived my whole life in Arlington, which I think is one of the best places to be an animal lover. I spent my childhood with our tuxedo cat Patch-Patch, and our dog Maisy, who, based on her love of herding my friends and me around the yard and trying to nip at our heels, was a herding breed and Golden Retriever mix. I have always felt that we couldn't have asked for a better dog, and I know that each client feels the same way about their own pet. In recent years I have adopted my calico cat, Scarlett, and helped care for my parents' cats Sammy and Elfie, all of whom were from Homeward Trails Rescue. One of the most rewarding aspects of pet care for me is getting to know and love the unique breeds, mixes, and personalities of each pet. I love getting to meet new pets.

I am a senior at George Mason University completing my degree in Russian and Eurasian Studies. I spent a recent summer studying in St. Petersburg, Russia and plan to work as a translator. I would love to one day be able to meet and learn about some of the native Russian dog breeds which have never been brought to the United States. I look forward to meeting and caring for your pets.

Sharon B., Office Assistant
I was born and raised in Arlington, and I was happy to return to the area after graduating from Virginia Tech in 2006 with a degree in English Literature. After working as a leasing specialist, then as an in-home caregiver for the elderly, I joined the Time for a Walk® team in April 2011 as a mid-day walker and pet sitter. I enjoyed walking and caring for your pets on a daily basis for a little over four years before becoming an office assistant in September 2015. Of course, I still look forward to occasional pet sits with the dogs and cats that I have bonded with over the years! In my free time, you can likely find me cooking, taking photographs around town, watching movies, or going on a long walk with my adopted best friend, Bee!

Donna S., Pet Sitter
Hi, I'm Donna, I grew up in Arlington and have always had animals in my life. At present it is just my big black lab Pitch, but I'm always looking for others to join him. I am looking forward to caring for whatever client pets may come my way. I know that leaving your pet in the care of another can be difficult, but I look forward to caring for/walking our clients' pets and giving them plenty of love and attention.

Marjorie O., Substitute Walker & Pet Sitter
A large part of my youth was spent with animals of all kinds; turtles, pigeons, a gerbil, a rabbit, a chicken, a snake, a ferret and of course the family dog. I miss having a four legged critter around and would love to adopt a dog this time, but living in a condo and working irregular hours has kept me from doing so. That's why I was thrilled to learn Time for a Walk® needed more help in the winter of 2008 and started working as a sitter. It seems every week I have a new fun story about one of my furry clients and spending time with them always puts a smile on my face!

Kristin W., Pet Sitter
Hi, I'm Kristin! I'm originally from PA, but I moved to the DC area in 2005 after graduating from Elon University. From September to June I teach middle school mathematics and coach high school cross country and track. However, July and August I have a lot of free time to rest, relax, and enjoy summer (especially since I finished my masters degree from UVA this past spring). I wanted to do something enjoyable and worthwhile with my time off and thus applied for a job with Time for a Walk® to be a pet sitter. I love dogs and the joy they bring to one's life - I had a golden retriever growing up and then a black lab shortly after college - so I thought being a pet sitter would be a great fit for me. I enjoy being able to take care of our clients' family members while they are out; giving them the attention, love, and care that they deserve. I look forward to meeting more furry friends throughout my time as a pet sitter!

John J., Midday Dog Walker
Right now I have one dog of my own, a Siberian Husky and I'm always glad to have her around. I had another dog, a Lab, that recently passed away whom I still miss terribly. One of the reasons I enjoy walking my Time for a Walk® dogs everyday is because deep inside I know my lab would like me to share my love for dogs with our clients' dogs while their parents are at work. I truly enjoy walking dogs and meeting their parents. I also just love being outside each day, regardless of the weather.
In my spare time I like to relax in front of the T.V., watch movies or play video games, and I always enjoy going out with friends. I also do photography and video work as time permits.

Owen B., Substitute Dog Walker & Pet Sitter
I have always had a passion for animals, especially dogs. I'm a graduate from McDaniel College in Westminster, Maryland with a B.A. in biology, with the aim of obtaining a career in animal care, specifically in the field of veterinary medicine. I have lived in Arlington, Virginia since I was born and am proud to call it my home. My family and I have had two dogs in my lifetime: Christie, an Irish Setter, who passed when I was really little, and Taxi, our amazing Brittany who is currently 18 years old! She has defied the odds and is my inspiration. Time for a Walk® is an ideal place for me to work because interacting with dogs and other animals is a favorite pastime of mine.

Mary L., Pet Sitter
Lucky me! I like to think I have the best job in Arlington! Every day my furry friends greet me with wild excitement. Together we explore new territory, get great exercise, experience all kinds of weather, romp and play. In just a short time I've become deeply attached to all the pets in my charge.

I grew up in rural Pennsylvania and have always loved the company of dogs and cats in my home. My job at Time for a Walk® has gifted me with an extended family of beautiful, lovable pets. It also gives me the flexibility to work with my husband in our home-based commercial real estate company.

Valerie S., Pet Sitter
Hello! I am a Northern Virginia native and have lived in Arlington for the past 15 years. Throughout my childhood, I have always had some kind of pet. As an adult, I wanted to share my love of animals with my kids. We have had countless pets from the small variety to the large; presently we have one dog and one cat. I have always enjoyed daily walks with my dog; unfortunately he has arthritis now and can't get out as much anymore, so working for Time for a Walk® has enabled me to continue my dog walking. I love the different personalities of the pets I care for and it is very rewarding to give a dog a little exercise or a cat some needed attention when their owner is unable.

Natasha S., Pet Sitter
My special pet is my Shipoo, Kelly. We share our home with our Pomchi, Gigi, and two brother kitties, Madison and Jackson. Three of our current pets were rescued. I was born in Sochi, Russia and raised with many pets in the city of Falls Church. After graduating from George Mason High School, I began working on a degree in Early Childhood Development. There is a definite connection between working with young children and pets. Both need love, care and attention...along with lots of play. As a dog walker and pet sitter I can satisfy my long-time passion for animals while I finish up my college degree.

AnneMarie M. , Dog Walker & Pet Sitter
I moved to Arlington with my partner Greg from the Philadelphia area where I was a social worker for 17 years working with at risk children and their families. I also volunteered at a children's crisis center where I taught the children gardening and had the opportunity to design the Center's garden. I love animals and I have always volunteered at animal shelters and once helped out on a farm where my horse was being boarded! We have a cat named Callie and we will soon be adopting a puppy. I really enjoy seeing my four legged clients; they are a joy to be with.

Jacob B. , Dog Walker & Pet Sitter
I am originally from Virginia Beach, VA but have lived several years in Alabama where I attended Auburn University and the University of Alabama in Huntsville. I am really happy to be back in my home state and teaching at Haycock Elementary School in Fairfax. As an avid animal lover, I have owned dogs and cats my whole life. Since my apartment complex does not allow for pets, I am so happy to be a part of Time for a Walk, where I can see new furry friends on a weekly basis. On my free time, I enjoy reading, hiking, biking, and watching Auburn football.

Olga B. , Mid-day Walker & Pet Sitter
I was born and raised mainly in Ukraine. I graduated from Kiev Polytechnic University with a MA welding science. I also studied at the Kiev medical college for 4 semesters. My family and I have been very fortunate to have had animals throughout my life. A large part of my youth was spent with animals of all kinds; turtles, pigeons,, a rabbit, a chicken, rats, and of course the family dogs and cats. I have moved to Arlington area from Parkersburg, WV. Now I have two nice cats Jigy and Lusi and I love them very much. I love the job of pet care since it lets me know and spend time with different breeds and mixes of pets. I love meeting and caring for pets with Time for a Walk®.

Cat D. , Mid-day Walker
I’ve been around animals almost my entire life, including dogs, cats, and several birds that I raised with my father. Originally I had hoped to major in music theory and linguistics, but life had other plans, although I’d still love to go back to study linguistics. I’ve worked jobs as diverse as event lighting, concert violist, and IT in the past. I love being around all kinds of animals and matching their energy level, and live with two adorable cats. Walking dogs is a great way to be around them, even without any in my own home right now. Outside of work, I enjoy writing and spending time with my family and friends.

Laurie H, Pet Sitter
It’s fascinating being a dog walker/pet sitter here in Arlington in 2016 after growing up here and being able to see how much it’s changed. I had a cat all growing up and have played with and walked my friends' dogs throughout most of my life. I graduated from Guilford College in 2007 with a B.A. in English and have recently just returned from serving 2 years in the U.S. Peace Corps Philippines teaching English. I love animals and am having a great time working for Time for a Walk

Marie H, Mid-day Dog Walk & Pet Sitter
I grew up in Northern Virginia, and went to college at George Mason University. I graduated in 2014 with a degree in Integrative Studies with a concentration in Leadership. I've always had pets, including dogs, cats, fish, and rats. I have a sweet Pit Bull and I teach after-school programming classes to elementary school children. At my grandparents' house nearby I have an elderly black cat, and my mom and sister have a tabby kitten. I love seeing so many dogs and cats and interacting with their different personalities.

Birdy V., Mid-day Dog Walker
I grew up in rural Virginia, rural enough to have a single stoplight in the entire county. I went to Radford University and earned a B.S. in English, and I was one year into my M.S. when I decided I needed a break. That's when I moved up to Falls Church to live with my sister, and a few months later, I discovered TFAW! My family's always had plenty of pets around. Dogs and cats definitely, but also cockatiels, ferrets, hamsters, guinea pigs, mice...the list goes on. Having to move for college was disheartening since I had to leave all my pets behind, but now I live with a 4-year-old pit bull, an 11-year-old border collie/dalmatian mix, and a 15-year-old cranky cat. And now I have all of my TFAW dogs as well!

Jeanne B, Pet Sitter
I am originally from upstate NY, a graduate of State University of Albany, and attended VCU for graduate studies. I previously managed Assisted Living homes in Va., Md, and DC, and am currently a Chronic Care Advocate with The Estate Planning & Elder Law Firm. I volunteer with Hedgesville Hounds rescue organization, and share my home with my dogs, Zela and Spud, and my cats Tippy and Lucy.

Jordan R., Mid-day Dog Walker
I have been around animals almost my entire life, since 7 years old to be exact. I have mainly been around dogs, but I have experience with cats as well. Animals truly have a special place in my heart and they are great companions. Originally born in Silver Spring, Maryland, but raised in Northern Virginia. I am currently going to Northern Virginia Community College majoring in Business Administration. I plan on transferring very soon in the near future to a 4 year University and I'm currently weighing my options, so it's uncertain as to where I'll attend University. In my free time I love to go to the gym and workout, which is 5-6 days a week. I also love going out with friends and family in my free time as well. I am extremely thrilled that I found Time for a Walk®! Being that I'm a huge animal lover, I had to go for this opportunity, along with the flexible schedule. Most importantly, the best thing about being a Mid-day walker are the numerous dogs I encounter each and every day. I have relationships with each and every one of them and they absolutely bring a smile to my face each day!

Alex S., Substitute Dog Walker & Pet Sitter
I grew up in NoVa with 4 dogs, 8 birds, and 2 cats (not all at once). I love I'm able to put my experience to work (walk) with these dogs! This is by far my favorite job. All the dogs are precious babies, and I wouldn't have my own precious babies without Time For A Walk. I attended the Northern Virginia Community College Alexandria campus for Fine Arts to become an art therapist and am now working to go back to school for Social Work. In my happy free time I listen to heavy music, draw/doodle/paint, play with my kittens Kalimb and Bunny, and binge on tv shows and social media like a good little millennial.

Ashlee S., Substitute Dog Walker & Pet Sitter
Hi there! My name is Ashlee and I am originally from Richmond, VA. I moved up here about 3 years ago to pursue my dream of being a music teacher, and luckily my hard work paid off - I am a general music teacher at an elementary school in DC! When music education isn't my main focus, animals become my next! I love animals and have had cats and dogs throughout my life. I currently have a cat named Perry Mason whom I love very dearly. I used to pet sit all the time back home in Richmond, and when I found TFAW I knew it was right for me. I love taking care of animals and I am very happy that I get to do it in my spare time!

Christiana T., Mid-Day Dog Walker
Born & raised in Munich, Germany, I moved to the US fresh out of high school. I majored in biochemistry at UCLA and spent most of the past 20 years as an Angeleno. I recently relocated to beautiful Arlington. I've always been passionate about animals (especially dogs, just seeing a picture of one puts a big, goofy smile on my face), and have spent large parts of my life around them. Working as a mid day dog walker allows me to have many amazing animals in my life and giving them the love and care they deserve, while at the same time affording me flexibility to pursue my other passions. In my free time, you can find me in the gym, biking, camping, reading, or busy with meal prep.

Anne B., Mid-Day Dog Walker
I started dog walking and pet sitting for friends over the past few years and have enjoyed it and had fallen in love with the dogs I've cared for. I enjoy being outside and getting to know the different dogs I walk and seeing different people and places on the walks. I have a sweet indoor/outdoor cat named Sadie. She was given to me as a kitten by my friend in Richmond where I went to school at VCU and studied English literature. It's great to have a job where I can be outside, walking, and having the company of sweet dogs. I enjoy the different personalities of the dogs and appreciate that I can learn a lot from each of them. I love art, colors, exploring, reading, dance, learning, bike riding, camping and seeing things from different perspectives.

Julian S., Mid-Day Dog Walker
I'm a true Arlington native. I was born and raised right here and I haven't strayed too far. I've been around animals my entire life. There hasn't been a time that I can remember where I haven't lived with a minimum of at least 2 cats in the house. I've also had rats, hamsters, guinea pigs, lizards, and dogs. I'm currently living with 3 cats and a dog. I love being able to work for Time for a Walk because I get to meet so many animals all with different personalities. When I have downtime I like to go biking, hiking, read, watch documentaries on Netflix, or just have lazy days and explore new places, and good food with friends.

Teresa M., Mid-day Dog Walker
"Hi, my name is Teresa and I LOVE animals! I was born and raised in Northern VA, and I've always had animals in my life. When I was little we had some cats and a few dogs, and right now I have my own pup named Coulson and a tabby cat named Darcy. Professionally, I've worked in an animal hospital for two years as a boarding technician, often getting exposure to many veterinary procedures and methods. It's my absolute pleasure to take care of your pet(s) and treat them as a part of my own family!"

Caroline W., Mid-day Dog Walker
I graduated from the University of Hawaii with a Bachelor's degree in the Visual Arts, focusing mostly on drawing, painting and pottery. Afterwards, I traveled for a month in SE Asia and decided I needed a change and moved to the East Coast. I have always had a strong connection to animals and love having pets and helping care for pets. I treat my own pets like little furry people. I currently have a big grey Russian Blue cat named Bei Bei, that I adopted shortly after moving here. Before her, I have had dogs, cats, rats, mice, gerbils, chickens, fish, and other various creatures. I grew up with dogs but am not in a place where I could have one yet, so working for TFAW is a great way for me to show love to dogs and spend time with them and learn about them more without actually getting one of my own right away. I understand how it feels to have a pet at home and worry, which is why I am always determined to treat other people's pets like my own and give them the love and care they need even if its just for a short time. In my free time, I enjoy reading, watching movies, playing with my cat, running, and working on my artwork.

Emily H., Pet Sitter
I was born in Annapolis, Maryland and I now live on campus at Marymount University. I am a sophomore at Marymount and I study fashion merchandising. I love fashion, but I have always had a love for animals. I have experience pet sitting, dog walking, and medical experience through volunteering at Severna Park Veterinary Hospital. I have a pet fish, Nat, on campus and two dogs, Cinnamon and Trooper, that live with my parents. I am very excited to be working with Time for a Walk and excited to meet your pets!

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